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Your business can help change lives through education.

There are millions of children living without a proper education or access to opportunities. Your business can help change this. 

To help, your business can register. If we approve, we will provide photos, videos, and messages to help you communicate your support. You would donate: a set amount, a percentage of annual sales, or anything else agreed upon. Together, we can empower young people with the knowledge to lead their communities and change the world. 

Helping is good for business.

84 percent of consumers say it's important to them that a company supports a charitable cause. 52 percent are more likely to purchase from brands that support causes they care about. By supporting The Compass Online to help young people gain access to education, you show your customers and employees that your company is committed to making a difference in the world. 

Helping you tell the story

We provide resource to help you communicate your support and impact, including facts about global issues within educational accessibility. We'll give your business images, videos, graphics, and other materials. To show our appreciation, we may add your business to our partners list and recognize your business through thankful messaging on our communications channels. 

Business Registration

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